Startup Systems is a software development company focused on developing cutting edge custom software solutions for startups and small businesses across a range of operating systems and platforms including desktop, server, web, and mobile environments.  Startup Systems was founded by a technical recruiter turned software developer that has assisted tech startups and fortune 500 companies such as Google, Amazon, and Bridgewater Associates in meeting their technology needs.  We have a long history of using open source software whenever possible and leveraging the latest technology, platforms, and tools to deliver efficient, high quality software solutions at affordable rates.

Our developers have experience working across multiple technology stacks (MEAN Javascript, React, React Native, Angular, Python, HTML/CSS, etc.), which gives our company the ability to research the strengths and weaknesses of each platform before begining a project to maximize quality and efficiency.

Our Services include: Software Engineering, Mobile App Development, Website/Web Application Development, Automation, Encryption, Reverse Engineering, SEO, Application/Network Security, Software Testing/Debugging, and IP Protection.

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1732 1st Ave, Suite 20634

New York, NY 10128